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Thread: Wireless Tire Pressure Sensors

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    Wireless Tire Pressure Sensors

    Following vid describles mandatory wireless tire pressures on all US vehicles post ~2008 is it true?
    does anyone have the protocol for these? or any details?

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    Only if the manufacture makes them exposed to the can-bus. I am sure most are locked to a control module and they may only look for a difference in pressure to the average. If you want tire pressure monitoring your best bet is to buy the system that everyone is using here. Most of the popular front-ends already have plugins or support for the kit. Good luck SNO

    Very good video, I guess if your up for the work it is do-able. For me robby has done all this work and it works great.
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    the video talks about how the packets are visible (since its just using normal 2.4ghz band) and has somewhat been reverse engineered. some signals are strong enough to pick up from monitoring on the sidewalk.
    So essentially it is the packets before it reaches the car ecu. the raw data.

    this is part 2 for those interested.

    This is the link to his app

    Software for capturing, demodulating, decoding, and assessing data from automotive tire pressure monitors.

    Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are becoming common on automobiles, and in certain countries, are required as a condition of sale. Most TPMS devices use simple wireless communication techniques such as:

    FSK modulation
    Manchester bit coding
    Small CRCs or checksums
    Unique device identifiers

    I'm going to fire this baby up and will report back.
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    A 315Mhz or 433Mhz receiver module would be more suitable for the hack.

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    A typical packet would look something like this >

    Sensor ID
    Tyre pressure
    Tyre temperature

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