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Thread: Individual cylinder trims getting me down

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    Even top of the line programmable ecu's from Pectel, Gems or Motec only support 2 wideband O2-sensors.
    Seems that there's no demand for what you want. There are ecu's that support up to 8 knock sensors.
    But a word of warning: these ecu's cost real serious money.
    I think you're going to far on this.

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    yes. yes i am. that is the theme i have carried with my entire build. overkill. everything from the +100hp/L engine to the fwd lsd trans to the full on aem control solution to the fully built gaming rig for a carpc to the 5.1channel home theater even the hdmi cable for the 7" and cat 6 Ethernet cable to the router for carNetwork and remote desktop on an android tablet is so much more than it needs to be. but that's what makes it all so much more enjoyable. ty p2psmurf, i am so glad that someone in this thread finally understands and gets me and what i am trying to accomplish. i mean seriously a wireless real time tuning solution i can take outside the vehicle and actually use as a tool to make adjustments to fuel pressure regulator and make immediate adjustments to fuel maps. where else can you find that? i mean without big long bulky cabling and laptop. and all i have to do is add wifi hotspot in my car and i can make adjustments to my tune from home while the wife or someone else drives my car. i am running a 4-2-1 header on my Honda, so i could hunt down a controller with 2 channels of feedback and at least get half way to where i wanna be. i just can't believe that that's not something that's out there and available.
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