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Thread: VW OBD-II / CAN Bus interface questions

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    It would be nice to intergrate steering wheel controls with the carpc. Seems possible with the right program.

    I know it has been done before but using Can-Bus seems like an easier solution.

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    BMW/Mini/RangeRoverMK3s can use the bmw proprietary I-BUS (search for it) bus to get all this data (Yes its nothing to do with can bus or obd, but just so people with a bimmer know about this)

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    CAN BUS Fuel level

    Hi there I want to connect a gps tracker that works with can bus protocol J1939 to my 2009 VW crafter. Its says that I can connect this to the Can H, Can L wires. I'm just not sure where to find the can h and can L wires, would they be on the plug below the drivers dash that has 4 wires on it? and would anyone know what the can id and mask id would be for gas tank fuel level? any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



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