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Thread: OBD connector on 2004 Subaru STi.

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    thats awesome, do they have stuff like that for other cars? for example the nissan 350Z?

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    COBB Tuning in the process of making something similar to the Ecutek for the STI. The map loading component is called the AccessPort which they already have for the WRX. The AccessTuner is the component that allows you to tune mappings.

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    Actually... the deltadash software uses the CAN bus for communications and not the Subaru select protocal, iirc.

    And the new cobb AccessECU/AccessPort do not interface you with a PC to do data logging at all. EcuTek has a product called the DeltaECU aka EcuTek reflash, which is just like the accessecu in that it is a remap of the stock ECU maps. But those are both very different products than the DeltaDash
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