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Thread: ECU Programming/Tuning

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    ECU Programming/Tuning

    Does anyone know of units that accomplish both diagnostics and ECU programming? I have seen things like the Smart Tuner, the Hypertech Power Programmer, and others that can adjust performance settings to tune your car. Do these usually hook in through the OBD-II port or the modules get soldered into the ECU?

    I have a 2003 Saturn L-Series, and I have know that the dealer can hook up to my OBD-II port not only for readings but also do do certain programming. I don't know if they can access performance settings, but I know they can control certain car settings like the amount of time my lights stay on after I close the door, program keyless entry remotes and other things. For some reason them refer to the OBD-II connector as a BCM, or body control module. I am assuming it's the same thing though.

    It would be a lot of fun to have an all in one package.

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    its probably proprietary technology to do all the things u mentioned since the ODB-II system was only designed to do engine monitoring. all the other aspects are created by the car manifacturer and different in every car since they dont have to follow a set of rules when creating these interfaces.
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