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Thread: OBD II RS232 or USB Interface

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    OBD II RS232 or USB Interface

    Which OBDII interface are people using to monitor their cars vitals? (And maybe clear out a CEL) I have 2001 Tiburon with the CEL option pack . I found one for like 88$ us. Is this a reasonable price, I saw some posts on other forums stating that all obdii's are not created equal in the respect that the info collected is dependant on the obdii connector.
    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. This is the link i found

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    I've been looking for OBD-II scanners and I found hardware software kit for $200.00. You can download the software at: If you buy that kit let me know if that hadware workes with the program to save some major Bling$ Bling$. This may not work because the software I think will only work with the autotap software.
    Check out the shop if your in the Maryland DC VA Area

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    I just got a universal OBD-II USB scan tool for $160 and it includes the Ford extended data for my truck. Seems to work fine on my XP laptop.

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    OBDII - USB or OBDII - COM - USB convert ?

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