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Thread: ? Potential damage to Carputer if dealer connects OBD device ?

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    ? Potential damage to Carputer if dealer connects OBD device ?

    Hiya all

    I have decided to use the DeltaDash software from in my scooby carputer install, but as stealth is a major factor in the install I am going to hardwire the carputer input cables to the OBD cable so the dealer will still be able to plug in there monitors etc to the cars OBD port, what is the risk of any damage to either the carputer or the dealers box of tricks ? when this is done ? are there any odd voltages, signals etc and has anyone done this or do most just plug into the OBD port and unplug if the dealer requires access ?


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    the device they use should be the same as yours voltage wise

    so basicly your putting a "Y" on the obd port and having half perminetly attached to the car puter

    i dont think it should be a problem unless the computer is on when the shop people hook up there machine ( that might confuse the ecu ) but its easy enogh to avoid

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    There is a wire on some makes (Ford for sure) that sends a very quick 18 volt pulse via the scan tool to flash a module ( it send this to "Ready" the module). I would have to research it a bit, but I only know for sure that it happens on a Ford product.

    edit...found the info..probably generic to OBD2, i think by law it has to be.

    you will probably only be using a few pins, like pin 2 (bus +), pin 4, 5 (grounds) and pin 10 (bus -). Pin 16 is the hot at all times, fuse protected, and the pin in my earlier remark is pin 13, flash/eeprom power supply. Those are all that are used on a Ford. Watch pin 13
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