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Thread: Am I getting this right?

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    Am I getting this right?

    I'm brand new and don't know anything about OBD. From what I've read, I've gathered this, and I'm wondering if it's true:

    There is a plug I can plug an OBD thingy into that will connect to my on-board PC and display all types of real-time info about my car.

    It will tell me:
    -RPM, speed, temp.
    -If doors are open, lights burned out, fluids are low, seatbelts not on
    -Technical engine stuff for mechanics

    Can it really be this simple?

    Does the hardware I have to buy need to be made to fit my specific car? (Alfa Romeo 147 GTA)?

    Where does the software come from that you use to view the info? Does it normally come with the hardware or is it something you buy separately?

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    Well if i'm not misteken than yes you can get speed, rpm and the such out of it. Trouble codes as well. The lights thing I not sure of But I think it depends on the vehucle and what you use to extract the data


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