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Thread: Questions about my minivan, Please HELP!!

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    Questions about my minivan, Please HELP!!

    What protocol does the Body Control Module (BCM) use in a 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager, I know it's not ODBII.

    I was also wondering if the BCM is the only computer in this vechile, I've heard of some cars having an entry/alarm computer and a seperate ECU unit.

    My van has NO power windows and NO power locks if this helps.

    OH, also if possible could someone PLEASE tell me what the HECK the box on the floor is it's right at the front mounted on the floor under the dash, I took off the plastic hood and it has a metal box under it with a connector off the side of it.

    I already know where the BCM is, its right to the right of the steering wheel under the plastic that covers the steering column and lower dash.

    Another question is what is the blue six pin connector under the steering wheel that swivels down from behind the dash.

    I'm asking about the connectors because ALL manuals I've seen for getting diagnostic codes from this vechile tell you to turn the key on and off three times and watch the Check Engine light (which works) some I'm wondering what the connectors are for (the blue one AND the one on the side of the metal box). If these are cables going to ECU equipment then that might be where I'll have to hook-up my CarPuter.

    Please, can someone HELP!! Thanks.
    David Waybright
    Certified CompTIA A+ & NET+ Technician

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    does the car have air bags

    thats probably waht that box is for

    the best thing you can do is go down to auto parts store and buy the haynes manual for you car

    it tells you just about everything you need to know

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