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Thread: 98 Nissan Altima OBD II? to carputer???

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    98 Nissan Altima OBD II? to carputer???

    Question.. I'm new to this.. where can i find an obd reader for my 98 Nissan Altima (believe its OBD-II) to go to a USB connection (or serial but i'd prefer usb) on a carputer/laptop? and i'd assume i need some software as well for it. I'd like to get info such as realtime mpg, and possibly record / display hp, mph, and rpm's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by itmdtr

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    Here is something you might want to take a peak at:

    They make a nice little OBD-II diagnostic unit (with free software) that I personally use to diagnose cars. Its only about $80.00 and works great! (It IS serial though )

    Your altima is definately OBD-II compliant. All cars 1996 and newer are required by law to be OBD-II compliant.

    From a feature standpoint, the included software will give you features like RPM, speed, throttle position, engine load, etc. Even tells you about your trouble codes, and what they mean (If your check engine light is on). You can even reset the computer's codes if it throws an intermittent one (sometimes useful). The software's OBD-II codes are fully documented, and will give you a plain english explaination of the code (like "code PXXX - Mass Airflow sensor output lower than expected" or "PXXX - Cylinder 4 misfire" and similar). The beauty of it is, the softweare will allow you to see WHEN and under what conditions the code was set (throttle position, engine speed, engine load, vehicle speed, etc).

    Their software updates frequently, is free for download, uses very little CPU, and can record logs and play them back at later times. The length/time of these logs is dependent on available hard drive space.

    The software is relatively "touch-screen friendly". It does not really require a keyboard or mouse, but a mouse would be helpful.


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    how about 1995 altima

    is there a way to know for sure if it is OBD II or not. I know all 1996 and up and bylaw but is there a way to check the car itself so be sure ( coz some older 1994/95 cars have OBD II). or is there a site that has all the compatable cars for example?


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