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Thread: Any decent/modern touchscreen friendly ODB2 software

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    Any decent/modern touchscreen friendly ODB2 software

    I have tried a bunch of these and own both the BR3 and ELM based hardware, but none of the s/w I have found looks like it was written:

    - for a touchscreen UI
    - with a skinnable UI
    - with modern controls

    They all look like (what a lot are) converted DOS apps.

    I messed around with freediag for a while because I wanted to know how it works, and it turns out that the protocol is pretty simple, its just a matter of getting decent graphics widgets and making the whole thing configurable.

    Any thoughts, maybe I missed a great package that works well?
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    I am in the process of ordering ProScan from Suicidal Creations. Product looks pretty good. And for $99 it's not too bad. Waiting for an email back from the company on how to order. The occasionally sell on EBAY, but nothing has been listed for the last month or so. I'll let you know how it looks. There web address is


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    Check out this:

    I use this one myself. Gives me more info on my engine than I could ever use . Plus, the hardware is inexpensive, and the software is free. Best of all (for us) it is a relatively touchscreen friendly Win32 application.

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