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Thread: Any decent/modern touchscreen friendly ODB2 software

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    Any decent/modern touchscreen friendly ODB2 software

    I have tried a bunch of these and own both the BR3 and ELM based hardware, but none of the s/w I have found looks like it was written:

    - for a touchscreen UI
    - with a skinnable UI
    - with modern controls

    They all look like (what a lot are) converted DOS apps.

    I messed around with freediag for a while because I wanted to know how it works, and it turns out that the protocol is pretty simple, its just a matter of getting decent graphics widgets and making the whole thing configurable.

    Any thoughts, maybe I missed a great package that works well?
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    Check out this:

    I use this one myself. Gives me more info on my engine than I could ever use . Plus, the hardware is inexpensive, and the software is free. Best of all (for us) it is a relatively touchscreen friendly Win32 application.

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