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Thread: Would this tool work for 1998 vauxhall astra

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    Would this tool work for 1998 vauxhall astra

    not sure what you american guys would know this car as but its GM. Europe have it as an Opel Astra, Australia as Holden Astra, UK as Vauxhall Astra.

    Basically the car is has remained the same from 98 until now but the info i found said 2001 on.

    But im guessing that it would be the same in the 98 version being the same car and everything.

    What you guys think ? And also would I be able to set this up to display me dials (so I can lose all of the real 1's)
    Even if this took a little software engineering as this is basically the effect I am after with the tool.

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    *sigh* another thing to look into... damn this carputer is starting to get outta hand

    Doubt it'll fit my current car though so will have to add it to the list and maybe add it in the future.

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    Does your car have a plug under the steering wheel? looks like a below
    / \

    Not sure if you can use that one. But you can display dials, I wouldn't trust your OS enough tho, if you got pulled over not sure how legal it is. that one only does the following protocols:
    OBD-II Protocol: ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000)

    your car would have to use that protocol.
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