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Thread: 1998 upwards? is this true?

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    Smile 1998 upwards? is this true?

    I have a toyota celica 1986 (ST165) and i know that it has an ecu and I am hoping to extract data from it. I have diagnosed my car before and I thought the only was was by shorting 2 pins inside from a connector box and get feedback from the yello engine icon on the dash board.

    Coulnd anyone tell me if I should still hope to obtain info from ecu?


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    Not likely. It is deffinetly not OBDII (or OBD at all)
    Anything is possible, but I think you'd have to do alot of work to get anything out of that connector. ECU's back in '86 were extremely limited in their outputs., E-Cig Mods
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