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Thread: Custom Indash Computer

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    Custom Indash Computer


    I just register!

    I'm thinking of building an indash computer to display data from the OBDII interface using a Rabbit module. I have a bit of experience with the Rabbit and LCD displays and want to learn a bit about USB and OBDII.

    Anybody did a custom thing like this?

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but there's a guy here with a Porsche that's done something like that. Take a look in the showoff your project section and look for a Porsche set up.

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    Yeah I'm trying to find out how to display BMW on board computer data through a computer too. Alot of people tell me things like that are doable, but I've not comming up with alot of "how to do it" answers yet. I'm sure there are full write ups of how to do it out there if it's in fact doable.

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