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Thread: 2002 Ford Explorer XLT

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    2002 Ford Explorer XLT

    Hi all, my husband and I have built a mini computer for our car. It does GPS, mp3, movies, and all the good stuff. The one thing we would like to do is connect the OBD-II thing, but not sure where to start or what is needed.....Any help would be great!

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    What are you interested in vehicle data data for? Start there.
    What software are you using for everything else? Degree of ease of integrating vehicle data is contingent on existing software.
    Your vehicle should be OBDII regulated which means lots of scan tool hardware interfaces to choose from.
    Read posts in this forum as your next step.
    Do either of you have programming background? If not, then you will have to pick some front end software that you like that will work with the scan tool hardware.

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    i can recomend with nice software. Uses a serial connection (i bought a belkin usb-serial converter b/c I didn't have a serial port)

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