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Thread: 2004 Hyundai Accent

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    2004 Hyundai Accent

    Would anyone know where I can pickup a OBD II cable that I could connect to my PC VIA a Serial connection or even USB is those are available. I looked around Google for awhile but I couldn't find anything I was sure was the cable I'm looking for. Maybe they don't even make cables that connect directly to a PC, if so does anyone have any comments on a good interface I could use?


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    OBDii plug

    Try the backside of the connector. You can buy one, or make one yourself. The cabling for the OBDii connector runs to the back of the connector, remove the connector, cut the wires & solder in an extension with a DB25 female connector. Keep the old OBDii connector & solder that up to another DB25-M for the garage.

    sorta like:

    [CAR]=======/ DB25-F/ /DB25-M/====[PC]
    [CAR]=======/ DB25-F/ /DB25-M/====/CUT-OFF OBDII/

    Personally I'd spend the US$20 on an adapter from

    Also check out, I purchased my OBDii to RS232 chip there & build my code read with an Atmel 128, super easy!
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