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Thread: For those of you who have aftermarket gauges..

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    For those of you who have aftermarket gauges..

    Peep this out..

    Autometer's new gauge line.

    Discussion / More Info:

    I for one have about $1500 bux in gauges.. it sucks that they just now release this. Im going to repurchase this and sell all my stock gauges.

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    too bad my ignition goes through my Tach ...

    Those things are sweet !!!!

    not to rice either.

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    Not digging it. Check out I think they are way better.
    Supreme version of gauges
    High response gauges
    Multi-information display
    Functional gauge controller
    Optional parts for gauges
    Exclusive gauges for USA
    Compact head up display
    Full-scale head up display
    Unique movement tachometer
    DIN-sized triple gauge

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