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Thread: P0851 Park/Neutral Switch Circuit Low

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    P0851 Park/Neutral Switch Circuit Low

    Park/Neutral Switch Circuit Low

    A shot in the dark, but does anyone know what this error code means? I know it's got something to do with the sensor that detects if the car is in park or neutral allowing you to start the car. What I dont know is the the "low" means.

    Thank you

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    "Low" is the same thing as grounded - either a faulty neutral safety switch or a faulty parking brake switch. If the "brake" light is not showing on your dash, it's most likely the neutral safety switch. Take your car somewhere you won't run into anything and try to start it in drive or reverse. This will tell you for sure if it is shorted out. If it was not working at all, the car wouldn't start in park or neutral.

    Good luck


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