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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    Hi there I am very interested in connecting my ECU or ECM system to my carpc but at a loss to where to start.

    I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Colt Rodeo 4X4 double cab pickup

    My first question is whether I have OBDII on this car. Most of my reading (yes I have done some reading) suggests that my car does have OBDII. My first problem is trying to find the port (ie the plug) where one would connect a harness/cable to.

    I also have a piggyback computer called Unichip

    This has a open plug which I suspect is used to "program" the Unichip.

    Once I have found the OBDII port my next challenge would be to find the cable and software that would allow me to monitor the engine/car parameters.

    Where do I start to look for specs on my particular car's ECU? The local guys are very unhelpful/clueless about how this is done.

    Any pointers would be appreciated


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    first, open the bonnet, there should be a plate with the engine info, it should say OBD-II on there if it is.

    as for the port, it will be close to the driver, look down by the pedals, behind the ashtray, undre the dash, places like that.
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    Have found OBD port. Engine plate gives no indication of OBD type. According to digimoto I have a Type A J1962 connector that uses the ISO standard.

    Where to now?

    Should I buy a cable/package from someone like Digimoto and try it out?

    With all these cables/harnesses and software solutions around - which one should I try first?


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    I bought an ISO interface from but cannot get it to work properly (BUS INIT ERROR). Can anybody suggest how I can get it to work?

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    Have you tried the Scantool support site? There's a troubleshooter there.
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    Very frustrated

    After much research and emails I am now quite certain that my car is OBD2 compliant using ISO as the protocol but I still cannot get my scantool to communicate with my ECU (BUS INIT....ERROR) . All the right lights flash and the tool is working (tried it on another car).

    I do have a Unichip fitted and was wondering whether this piggyback chip is causing the problem?

    Scantool have offered to refund me but I am still keen to try and get it to work. Any help would be appreciated


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