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Thread: Old Truck (Toyota)

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    Old Truck (Toyota)

    I've got a 1988 Toyota pickup with 22R-E engine, and I decided last week to put a PC in it. Sofar, I have this:
    My glove box un-installed
    Inside the glove box
    With Shuttle XPC Mobo
    From a dif angle

    I've basicly got everything but the heat problem planned and taken care of, but now I'm wondering about hooking up to the ECU. I know my truck, as old as it is, doesnt have OBD2, but I did find this under the hood:
    Cap says "Diagnosis"
    Under the cap

    Anybody ever seen this, or have any idea about the pinout and what all this can do?

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    the cap will be just ur timing and emisions read out.. not really anythign exciting..

    check out my toyota.. in my sig its a 95

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    So as for engine readouts, I'm screwed? Ohwell. Wish I had an extended cab, my truck is a single cab, I've spent the entire 2 years I've had it attempting to install a sub in the non existant space behind the seat.

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    If my 89 Supra doesn't have OBD2, you truck won't.
    Yes, that is Toyota OBD1, You can short the terminals to check for trouble code and stuff but basically not much usefull out of that port.
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    Toyota started implementing OBD-I in the '89 Cressida (7M-GE engine). I have found some info, but not enough to allow me to read data from my '93 Corolla. This is all I have (copy-paste from a Toyota PDF):

    - There are three types of serial data: OBD, OBD-II and V-BoB (Vehicle Break Out Box). We're interested in OBD.
    - Many Toyota vehicles with OBD, manufactured since 1989, have serial data stream available on the VF1 terminal of DLC1 (Check connector) or the ENG terminal of DLC2 (TDCL).
    - Vehicles which support a serial data stream can be identified by the presence of a TE2 circuit. Depending on the vehicle, there can be as many as 20 different sensor, actuator and diagnostic data parameters represented on the OBD data stream. Accessing serial data on any of these vehicles is a simple matter using the Diagnostic Tester.

    After that there's a description of the V-BoB which is conncted in series with the ECM and gives a readout of all the signals. BTW, I couldn't find a V-BoB for sale anywhere... The next paragraph is as follows:

    - The OBD Diagnostic Circuit:
    This unidirectional data stream typically consists of 14 to 20 data words representing primarily sensor inputs and three outputs; injection pulse width, spark plug advance angle, and idle speed control command. Data is transmitted at a rate of 100 baud, updating on the Diagnostic Tester display approximately once every 1.25 seconds. Depending on application, the data is accessed from either DLC1 or DLC2. Data is triggered by grounding the TE2 circuit and reading the VF1 circuit.

    I have found out that the DLC1 connector is the one SovereignScorn shows in the attached images ("Diagnosis" somewhere under the hood), but in my Corolla it seems a little different. I haven't tried to read anything from that connector, because i don't have any texts explaining the interpretation of the data. If anyone can help with that I'd appreciate it a lot!

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