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Thread: Digimoto Media Edition

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    yeah, like that goddamn meedio......that made me so mad......i still have a copy of an install of myhtpc, but its kinds slow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quattro
    Since you will be selling the software and packaging it with you own hardware. How do we know that you just won't take all the information we give you and not receive anything back in return? I've seen companies take ideas off this site and use them for commercial purpose with out any compensation to the community.
    I appreciate your concern. Consider that Digimoto has already posted a 10% discount on all purchases made through our website for any members of this forum community ~ asking for feedback regarding potential product development is not something we have done in the past. We will be looking more towards existing customers to offer feedback as they will be the ones who will obviously benefit first from ideas such as the ones you might have. I would have no problem extending further discounts if this community helped us build a great tool. In all instances, our software is virtually free ~ in fact, if you look at the products we currently sell, even our entire packages are cheaper then the hardware you would find selling retail alone. We are always trying to give back as much as possible.

    Also note we do offer existing freeware software for OBDII diagnostics (I have posted this on your website as well). Offering a freeware version of this application is also a possibility ~ or perhaps a free version modified for this forum alone. Regardless, a package like this does require hardware (for the OBDII diagnostics and GPS side of things), so offering something completely free would not be possible.

    Opening our package as an open source project is just not feasable for us. I am a fan of open source... in fact, I used to spend a lot of time building and supporting open source applications: open source project . But to build a retail level project, it must remain a retail product.

    I do appreciate the ideas you guys have already thrown at us and we are already discussing development possibilities now.

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    If you're gonna sell your app, you have to make it significantly better than the ones offered for free here. You should download RR, FP, CF, etc. and try them out for a while. Then improve on their limitations and add more functionalities. Most of us are looking for an all-in-one solution. These are the functionalities we'd want in our car.

    - Skinnability (a nice, professionally looking default skin should be provided)
    - Music
    - Movies
    - DVDs
    - TV
    _ FM,AM,XM radio
    - Support for external medias, ie. CD's, USB drives, etc.
    - GPS (must integrate well with frontend. for example, if a turn is coming up, your app should temporarily switch to a map view)
    - Integration with cell phone (use carpc as headset, use phone as a modem for Internet)
    - Use phone and GPS to upload car's location to a central server for tracking purposes.
    - Wireless (hotspots) support: ability to automatically connect to an open network without user's interaction
    - Web browser, email client, chat client
    - Ability to sync up with your home PC anytime you have an Internet connection
    - Weather, traffic updates. these should be downloaded automatically so that you can read them later when you're offline.
    - OBDII
    - Remote-controllable, ie. using Girder, etc.
    - Ability to embed any external applications
    - Scriptablilty
    - plugins, SDK

    Those are just some of the basic ones.

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    Looks nice, I have a Audi 100 -94 so i guess i cant use none of the OBD gadjets?!?

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    The skin looks very nice, but that's my personal taste. I guess skinability is a must.

    Also, you'll have to have all functionality possible (phone, rearviewcam, internet, weather and so on) OR make an easy plugin system with enough communication to the central app to let people develop functions themselves.

    Only this way you can compete with existing front-ends...

    I'm still waiting for someone to fullfill my wishes as stated here

    This is for a commercial project, so the first one building this will get rich

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    digimoto media edition status update

    testing out various carpc frontends now.... whats the latest? it looks great!!

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    I just re-read this thread... I appreciate your effort, but 2 months to complete a frontend? I think you will be sadly urpirsed that it will take MUCH MUCH longer....

    Look at Guino, he develops faster than most companies, but features are always added, changed, fixed, etc.... 2 months might be enough dfor "something working" but DEFO no way something tht competes weith what is available here... I hope yall can prove me wrong

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    The more I think about what you guys are trying to accomplish the more I think you should maybe just focus on designing a "plug-in" app that has just obd-II. Get that part done and maybe expand more later on. (if you just accomplished that small feat I know that would make many people happy) Also, I would be willing to pay for a plug-in app that is touch screen friendly that had OBD-II.

    I guess my main point is to stick to what you guys do best and release that and then expand later
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    i would also suggest concentrating only on the OBD program. I feel that this program should be free to us. Leaving the code with us will result in an amazing program. Just look at the front ends we already have. I know that your a supporter of open source but you didnt say if you would release this program. We have some really awesome skinners and programmers on this board. Basically i think that if you leave this program as open source you will benefit greatly bc everyone will jump on it trying to make the program better. It will be similar to the frontends we have now. They started small but since everyone is able to play with the code they became VERY nice. Of course, your hardware will be totally compatible with this software, so i would expect a nice increase in hardware sales.

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    I do like the look of it but you'll need to make the GPS side as poen as possible as some of us use a few different apps. I use Mappoint 2004 and Mapmonkey, mostly the latter. If you do integrate GPS you need to give as much space as possible to the GPS view and have small but mahageable buttons. Many of us use a small 7" screen and as a result your current proposal is way too small to be useful.
    Best of luck with it anyway!!
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