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Thread: Digimoto Media Edition

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    There is one thing I would ask for from the software..

    The ability to log the OBDII info at all times while the app is running. I also would love to be able create a seperate log for when I goto the track.

    Basically I would press the "log" button on the app while I was under the "OBDII" porton of the front end, and I could log my run at the drag strip. You could set it in the software to log say 20 seconds or whatever if you have a really slow car, and automatically it would goto the graph screen. Then I could see the graph for TPS vs MAP, or Ignition advace vs RPM for example right there w/o navigating through a million differnt screens.

    Sorry if this doesnt make much sense, Im very tired, its been a damn long weekend, usually I have much better communication skills


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    huge waste of time. just release a stand alone or plugin obd2 app that is touchscreen friendly. building this front end is a waste of time and resources beacuse it offers nothing except the obd2
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    just release a stand-alone skinnable touchscreen-friendly obd2 app

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    do what you do best.... tons of developers are working on frontends, no one has your OBD experience, and (trust us on this) it would take ages for digimoto to gather the frontend experience that Guino, Frodo and all other frontend developers have already acquired through their hard efforts...

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I agree with all the above, what we need here is not another frontend, but an OBDII plugin that the users could skin.

    What makes these "CarPuters" is that everyone puts in what they are best at. Not one of us can make an app thats great in every aspect, but the ones that are good at what they do, together, can produce something not one company can even get close at.

    Individuality is what carputers are all about, give us a plugin for OBD, and let us customize our system the way we want it.

    Concentrate on the OBDII portion to make it the best you can, and if its something we can add and keep our individuality, I myself, would pay for that freedom.

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    I would also like to see a plugin that can be skinned for use in Road Runner or FrodoPlayer. It would be nice to be able to choose what information you want displayed at the time, possible profiles. I love the looks of your mockups. Keep up the good work. P.S. I don't think I would change from Road Runner to your media player, I just want OBD-II gauges.


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    Looks like a plug-in OBDII is the preferred route for most of the community.

    I'd suggest you do this as well and make that plug-in work really well with the myOByDic interface to give some real advantages to your product. Make it plug in easily to RR or CF or FP, preferrably all three.

    Make the plug-in free and let it work with all interfaces but make it work best with YOUR cable. Make it skinnable and extendable and people will be happy to buy the hardware from you.

    Strike a deal on CF or FP to distribute, have a graphic artist make a digimoto skin and don't waste the time and effort to program one. Bundle the software and plug in on your website with the cables and you'll do great.
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    I really like the OBDII part but I can't give up on Road Runner, it's just to good

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    I'd like to see a plug-in. I think that a free plug-in that would work with all our front ends coupled with a 10% discount would really increase your sales.. I've already bought a scanner but have since upgraded my vehicle from a dodge to a toyota (the scanner doesn't work)

    If you made a nice EASY to install plugin for the most common front ends that would be extremely valuable to us...
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