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Thread: Digimoto Media Edition

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    Another vote for plugin (RR user here).

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    i think every thread is now a whoreing thread

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    No need to reinvent the wheel.

    +1 for a plugin (Centrafuse user)
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    I think plugins would be a great idea. Less work initially for you guys and you know everyone here would use them. Hell, if there was something for a front end like Centrafuse that made the OBD info look pretty and integrated....I'd buy one of your cables.

    In fact, I will if/once a plugin comes out for CF. I'd be willing to put these in our installations as well, because I'm sure I could sell the idea of OBD info embedded into nice frontends to customers.

    Thanks and keep up the good work - whichever direction you go with it.

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    plugin only would be appreciated, since will not be leaving RR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gqmd
    plugin only would be appreciated, since will not be leaving RR.
    I doubt this guy responds.. this thread was started in august and the site isnt even up anymore

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    iwould like to be able to run satnav software through it like tomtom etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by syntax
    Hello Everyone,

    I work with Digimoto and we are in an initial design phase of creating a media edition of Digimoto. These are the current screenshots of what we are considering releasing. We are looking for any thoughts or comments or interests in a product like this. It will have the basic entertainment and navigation features of most in-car touch-screen computers, but the kicker is that you will be able to use Digimoto while it plays your media in the background. Post some feedback!!!
    Oddly enough, that "screenshot" looks a lot like a webpage parked with the crappy search engine you see quite often on dead pages.

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    TheLandYacht... I recognize that name ~ you are a customer of ours? Unfortunately the guy who posted that screenie put it on some personal domain, I believe the Digimoto forum has screenshots that are still in tact although this project has been put on hold for some time.

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