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Thread: Airbag Codes

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    Airbag Codes

    Pretty sure I have my answer, but it doesn't hurt to ask... in case I missed it.

    Is there any OBD software out there that will use my ELM based tool to diagnose an illuminated airbag light in my '03 Ford Escape?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am getting the same problem with my 02 escape the airbag light come one, sad to say that my scape just went out of warranty. Dont want to go back to the dealer, they charge $90 just to look at the problem. %@$!ing robbers.

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    This happened to me when working in the car (disconnect the cable by accident) so I went on the internect and I found out that just making some steps (open door,closing doors, insert key in the inition 7 times yada yada yada) I was able to turn the light off.

    So my advice is just check the ford forums for something similar.

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