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Thread: Digimoto 4.0 available for download

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    Digimoto 4.0 available for download

    Our initial release of 4.0 is available for download. We will be coming out with an update within a week or two which will contain documentation for this current release, but we wanted to give the users the new application now.

    If you are an existing Digimoto 3.x customer, your license keys will work in this new release. Any feedback on this release, as usual, would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the link for Digimoto 4.0 (if you have not previously installed Digimoto or Digimoto Lite on a computer):

    Here is the link for Digimoto 4.0 (if you have already installed Digimoto or Digimoto Lite in the past on the target computer):

    We will be updating our website to reflect the new release shortly. Also, on a side note, we will be increasing our product prices back to the normal rate 30 days from today (to give fair notice).

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    Cool!! Looking foward to trying it, now I just need to find where I put my key!
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    Is it safe to say that Digimoto, like the other programs, can not access airbag trouble code info?
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    Is there anyway you guys have to make a version of this software that would fit 800x480 resolution? or would resize it self?

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    What is the aspect ration? I want to see how close this dyno program is?

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    Hey guys,

    Zoltan ~ you can not reset the Airbag Light with Digimoto, but any errors that are reported to the OBDII system will be displayed.

    Goosey ~ the minimum allowed size for Digimoto 4.0 is 800x600 ~ we allow resizing, but only bigger. We will come out with something specifically built for in car computers to handle this shortly.

    Proph ~ the aspect ratio comes directly from your tires. Example: 205/55R15 (aspect ratio is 55). The aspect ratio of a tire is determined by dividing a tire's section height by its section width when the tire is: Inflated to maximum air pressure, Mounted on the approved measuring rim, and Under no load.

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