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Thread: Digimoto 4.01 available for download

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    Digimoto 4.01 available for download

    Includes a few various fixes. Please see our downloads page for more information:

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    no reply

    I requested more info some time ago through email, but got no answer. I live in dubai, and i need it urgently, so if you could please reply back.

    How long will it take to ship & deliver the pakage (roughly) to the Middle East, Dubai (Using USPS Global Express Mail).

    To make sure, would the "Digimoto 4.03 ELM Package" with ISO type interface work on these cars:
    2002 Mitsubishi Magna (Diamante)
    2004 Toyota Camry
    2006 Honda Accord


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    Try this to see if your car is compatible
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    any word on a digimoto obd touchscreen-friendly app for us? =)

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