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    I found this site while searching on Google. It has lots of good OBD-II info, it helped me with a code I had for my transmission:

    Mods, perhaps you could post this as a sticky in the OBD-II forum

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    Helpful. thx!

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    Just bought myself an interface from - polite and helpful service, with a really useful web-site.

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    thewhitefriar: you are advertising for a website that sells stuff, not exactly the same thing as the first post in this thread...

    I will assume (although you only have 1 post, which might make other users jump at you) that you are not spamming this thread, and dont have an affiliation with ukobd... anyways, the site indicated in the first post has Codes for different cars, whch help you understand what problem codes that can be identified with the OBD tools actually mean... most software dont have a database of ALL vehicles specific codes, so they will return an error code (number or letters) you can then go on and seewhat the code means in a word-description...

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    He registered, posted, and hasnt had any activity since the post.
    Safe to assume hes spamming

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    Shameless plug. has a minimalistic interface, and a fresh database of over 10,000 generic and manufacturer-specific DTCs. Each DTC page has a link to a corresponding page for additional information.

    Think of it as a convenient gateway to, without all the chuff. is not affiliated It's offered to the public as a free service.


    OBDLink MX: world's smallest, fastest, most advanced OBD/Bluetooth adapter with SW and MS CAN support. Read the review to learn more.
    — Need to look up a diagnostic trouble code? Try the most up-to-date, free!

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