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Thread: OBDII read and programming ECU

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    OBDII read and programming ECU

    Good Morning to all

    I've read (if i've understand good) in the forum that with the ecu explorer and with the Openport 1.2 i can read & modificate parameters from the
    ecu of my Subaru WRX 2001/2002.
    It's something like ecutek?
    Can i do some programming (with help) if i change injector,fuelpump and turbo?
    Are there availabile maps for this system?

    Thank You all

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    Keep up to date on the progress of ecuExplorer on the Tari forum. Currently the program can read and log ecu parameters. It can also adjust your idle speed and timing. Calvin's goal is to make it eventually be able to reprogram the ecu, like ecutek.

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