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Thread: OBDII features to replace stock HU

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    OBDII features to replace stock HU

    I've been searching and reading threads about what you can grab from an OBDII, but can't determine if I will be loosing functions on my stock HU or not.

    I have an '04 Chevy Malibu Maxx.

    GM in their infinite wisdom and cost savings decided to put the trip odometer, MPG Ave, Miles to Empty, outside temp, and a few other things into the radio display.

    Are these things that can be easily read from the OBDII?

    None of it is absolutely critical, but would be nice to keep.

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    That doesnt depend on OBD, it depends on what GM allowed an OBD scanner to read. Youre more than likely not gonna get outside temp or miles to empty thru obd

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    OBDII is a protocol that was originally designed to assist in testing your car for emissions purposes. It has a set of data that relates to that. Things like throttle position, engine temperature, rpms and such.

    The strict OBDII protocol doesn't have the stuff you're talking about. HOWEVER, automotive manufacturers have added tons and tons of proprietary information and they send trouble codes (the ones that cause the check engine light to come on) via OBDII.

    Each set is proprietary but you're sure to find them at one of the automotive forums or, in my case, they were published in the Bentley's manual.

    Looks like the stuff you have on your HU is calculated information based on information from your ECU. Not sure if it is actually sent or accessible over the OBDII or not.
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