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Sorry guys, I was away on business travel and there's a bug in skinbedder where it won't focus the app that's embedded in it. Pretty much this is a work in progress and is pending a solution with skinbedder. I've included the skinbedder ini files that are used to properly format the screen, the RR skins for the OBD2 Menu and an example RR menu.ini file to load the OBD2 Menu, but since there's no way of getting focus from roadrunner, I can't send the F2 necessary to begin the realtime monitoring in the gauges. Again, once the author of skinbedder fixes the focus problem, I can add that to the RR skin command.

P.S. The main skin is available here Kuo Skin Release

edit: Actually, now that I've looked at it, sending the F2 isn't a problem (add {F2} to the end of each dash's sendkey command). The problem is when RR focuses skinbedder, skinbedder doesn't focus PCMSCAN, so if you want to change dashes or focus the app sometimes you have to tap the gauge area in order to get it to work. Otherwise, I haven't seen any major problems with it.
Guess I'm reviving an old post here, but what exactly do I have to do to the files in this zip file in order for this to work?
Anyone know?