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Thread: ProScan 4.0 Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnyperBob
    Yes, be weary of these types of companies based on other's experiences...

    On a serious note - I'm not sure if there's much you can do. It seems there have been tons of reports on these forums for ODB companies that have come on here advertising their products, just to fade away later on with everyone's money.

    Good luck with your order, hopefully you'll be receiving it within about 2-3 weeks based on the other ppl's purchase/receive dates listed here.

    He is a one man show.. I ordered mine and got mine about 12 days later. However for the price youc ant beat it.

    I agree communication could be better but you will get it. I was part of a group of 5 who ordered and the longest took 14 days. We all got our product.
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    This is what it took for me to get someone to acknowledge that I / my order existed:

    Complaint Details 
    Transaction ID: 
    Seller Name: 
     Gore Research 
    Seller Email: 
     [email protected] 
    Transaction Amount: 
     -$162.00 USD 
    Transaction Date: 
     Apr. 4, 2006 
    PayPal Case ID: 
    Reason for Dispute: 
    Buyer's Comments: 
     I don't wish to receive my money back. I would just like to have the item shipped to me. I have tried contacting the seller NUMEROUS times with NO response. I was referred to them from the forums so I figured they would be a reputable company. Maybe I am wrong. No communication to a customer seems like poor business practice to me. I have left "trouble tickets" through their website support system and they haven't even been looked at. Have their been any other complaints about the company? They are advertising their new product then not giving any customer support. Is there a phone number I can contact them at? Again. I just want the item shipped to me and to be given a tracking number so I know when to expect it. I figure maybe if I file a complaint they will actually acknowledge that I exist. Regards, Jason Boney  
    Date of Complaint: 
     Apr. 7, 2006
    And this was the response I received back after having to file a complaint with paypal:

    It is a little overboard that you have only had an order placed for three days, and have already filed a complaint. Generally, packages do not ship/pricess 24-48 hours after an order has been placed, and then 3-5 days for the post office to get it to you.
    Please drop the complaint, your package has been mailed. Be fair. Our business, and us personally are in the process of moving, that is why you did not get a repsonse to your "ticket."
    Your delivery confirmation number - you should have it from USPS as well - is:
    Oh yeah FYI the Tracking number they gave me wasn't even the right one. It was a battle trying to get the info from the Post Office because it was incorrect.

    You will get the product. They are just real slow @$$e$ about it. You would think they would speed things up if they wanted repeat business. I don't believe they could still be "moving" over a month later; so post up the excuses they give you if you ever hear from them. I have ordered tons of stuff online and received it in a much better timely fashion (even from California I received stuff faster than this company). Good luck. Let us now how it goes.

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    Considering that the ProScan guy hasn't logged onto these forums in over a month, and the lack of support - makes me not want to do business with them.

    With support and communication like that - I hope none of you need Customer Support in the future if problems arise. Good luck and keep us posted everyone, I'm interested to see how long it takes...

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    If it wasn't for the price I would suggest going elsewhere. He also wouldn't honor the $5 MP3Car forum discount either.

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    Worst service I've ever experienced!

    I recently purchased the ProScan BlueTooth edition. It didn't take too long before I received it but it didn't work either. I sent a trouble ticked to Gore Research via their web site the same day I got the thing. After two days without hearing back from them I sent another email and left a voicemail as well. There's no way to speak to these guys! I've had the ProScan for over a week now and am still not able to use it. There's still no word back from this Gore dude. Had I known about this site and read about the apparent low regard in which Gore holds his clients before I wasted my money I'd have gone elsewhere. I didn't even get a kiss! I would never recommend dealing with these guys.

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