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Thread: OBD II Scan and BMW?

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    Apologies if I have been misleading here, I should have been clearer. Generic scan tools will enable you to view the P1 code, however the meaning of the code can be difficult to obtain, and some manufacturers (such as BMW), make it particularly difficult by not following a standard convention for P1 codes.

    I have mentioned in other posts that there are pro's and con's to the each approach - we have supplied the Digimoto and PCMSCAN software in the UK to a number of owners of compatible BMW's - this enables them to gain access to particularly useful information - live data, DTC codes, etc., we have also supplied the Peake tool which is handheld, does not access any data aside from DTC, but combines this with an accurate description of the meaning for the range.

    Phew - a long post, but hopefully clears a few issues up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chut View Post
    Hi Folks,

    I just bought myself an Elm323 V2.0 scanner off ebay and I think that my BMW doesn't make use of the OBDII port inside the car. I just read an article that said BMW implemented the protocol and place the socket inside the car but did nor choose to use it. I then tried the device in my wife's Maxima and it worked just fine. Is there such a thing as a connector to the port under the hood (20 pin) connector? Has anybody here used an elmscan tool to read from a BMW?


    Hi, I have a '92 BMW E36 - OBD1; I 'm looking for technical information about comunication protocol from ECm to PC.
    Do you have information about it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mern View Post
    Could you enlighten me as to the location of the diagnostic socket for a BMW E46? (2001 325). I can's seem to find it under the hood.
    the 16 pin DLC is located just below the steering wheel behind the knee panel should be in line with the break peddle, its probably got a cover over it- some have both 20 pin and 16 pin and 2000 model could have both but normally its the 20 pin type under the hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mern View Post
    Could you enlighten me as to the location of the diagnostic socket for a BMW E46? (2001 325). I can's seem to find it under the hood.

    Also jumping in on this old thread with some info.

    If you have an OBD II connector it should be found here

    from this thread

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    hi guys new to this forum and diagnostics,curious realy,
    so bought the kpw2000+ software and leads,connected it to the obd2 port under the steering wheel and to the laptop,ran prog but kept saying "cant talk to ecu",have tried key in all positions as well but no joy
    any guys had this before and what the heck am i doing wrong
    many thanks for any help

    bmw 320 d se 2003

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