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    Reader Options

    I have done searches and found information on a few readers, but nothing that pits one against each other with features and price. Out of the slight research I have done, this is the list I have come up with. I guess the simple question is, which is the best?

    OBD-DIAG 4000 UNI ~$90
    BR-3 $96
    PCMSCAN $210
    mOByDic 2600 $160
    OBD2 All-In-One $100
    LaptopDyno $370
    TRICAN $240
    ELM327MU $250
    TekMate $110
    Dyna-Scan A-302 $270
    AutoEnginuity Scan Tool $250
    Car-Pal $147
    ElmScan 5 $140
    Mongoose $289
    Proscan $150
    Autotap $200

    What features, protocols, refresh rates, interfaces do each support?

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    Best is a pretty relative term, but from my experience and research the ELM327 based products are the most flexible and have the most features, a bunch of different software packages, and works on every obd2 protocol.

    The obd2allinone unit I have was the lowest cost, has a choice of serial and USB interfaces, has very nice cables and is well made, has a software CD, and is simple to use with clear instructions. Hard to beat for the price.

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    I personallu have the ProScan tool and it works great for what I do, but I havn't gotten to play with any of the dyno features yet. I have used it on different makes and models with no problems at all. I used it once to turn of a pesky "check engine" light, and it never came back on, of course I cured the problem once I seen what was wrong. But overall, I am very happy with the tool and it seems to work great. Just thought I would give this bit of information in case you are looking at the ProScan. I got mine from, but I have seen them on Ebay as well.

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    You are adding in the same interfaces into the list ~ do not confuse software with hardware. PCMScan, ProScan, ELMScan 5 and ELM 327 basically are all the same interface, but offer various software options. I believe the Car-Pal uses a mOByDic chip, TekMate uses an ELM chip with a custom mod for CAN (TekMate and AutoEnginuity are the same company). The BR3, Mongoose (which is developed by DrewTech Technologies) and AutoTap are all unique interfaces... the rest I have never even heard of.

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    There is allot of elm chips used in differant interfaces making them pretty much the same horse,the only differance is the jockey which is the software!.Mobydic chip is used in the carpal interface.The new mobydic2700& digimoto5.0 is going to be the 1 to have

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