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Thread: Peugeot 206 & OBD II ?????

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    Peugeot 206 & OBD II ?????

    Hi guys
    I'm new here, I own a Peugeot 206 1.4 8v with a sagem (S2000 3F) ECU. I think it's OBD2 ISO 9141-2 Compliant but not sure. when I look at the female connector under the dash it has #1,4,5,7,11,15 and 16 pins. thats all I know about it.
    I'm gonna look for some software and hardware to CHIPTUNE my ride.
    So please help me to find the exact protocol and then tell me how to make my own Connector and tell me what software to look for (Freeware is much better )
    all replies will be highly appreciated

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    theres no cheap way of doing it really im afraid mate! you will need to buy as you said a 9141 compliant cable, and you need it with ELM327 compatability if you want to use any diagnostic software.

    To remap your ECU you will need a ECU flash unit with EEPROM and then some flashing software which yes there are plenty of freeware versions. To be honest mate id go somewhere and get it mapped professionally if this is all new to you because many 'tuned' maps that you can find on the internet are pretty useless and will decrease your performance or some are even blank maps which obviously dont do a thing and could screw your ECU up for good, other maps are too generic for your car and could damage your engine after a while.

    Unless you know how to make your own maps i wouldnt attempt as personally i would never go anywhere near a map id found on the interent or bought from a disk of 10,000 of ebay!

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    another question

    Hi andy206! I wish your 206 were a peugeot 206
    anyway I'm on my way to learn speaking to ECU. I live in Iran and I have no access to purchase anything outside. (No one sells anything to me 'couse I'm Iranian!!)
    In this case I'm looking for downloadable Flash softwares. Now what? Can you guys help me out of this becouse I'm in love with cars and tuning and I'm like you and everybody in the world becouse we have the same HOBBY.
    I'm waiting for your answers my friends

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    what is this ?

    Hi my friend nokialkatel
    Thanks for the post but is it suitable for my peugeot 206 ??? (I don't know the exact protocol of my ride) and I think This software is for VAN's. does it work well and what is it all about? I mean does it FLASH or it's DIAGNOSTIC ONLY!!!????

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