OK so im installing my car pc thiese past few days and im doing it right im removing the dash and seats etc and getting evererything where it needs to be

my question is

1) in removing the dash i took out the pass airbag
can i reconnect the battery and run with one airbag without the other one shorting and firing (my guess is yes but i dont want to get punche din the face)

2) it will set an airbag code which will need to be reset correct? if i reset it myself will the dealer know ? how much info is stored in obdii is a continual log or just the most recent problems i know if there is an accident they can get the tps, speed, steering wheel position, etc but can they tell that i disconnected one air bag to run to the store to go get supilies i may have forgotten

3)will most code readers reset the airbag codes if i need it to