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Thread: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4/5/6/7/8/9 EvoScan Project

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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4/5/6/7/8/9 EvoScan Project

    December 2006 - EvoScan v0.98 version.
    October 2006 - EvoScan v0.97 PreRelease version released.
    September 2006 - EvoScan v0.9 PreRelease version released.
    July 2006 - EvoScan v0.8 PreRelease version released.
    June 2006 - EvoScan v0.7 PreRelease version released.

    Project Goal:
    To support all Mitsubishi MUT-II(JOBD)/MUT-III and Subaru SSM Protocol and Nissan datalogging protocol Models
    Note: Only US DSMs/Eclipse and US EVO8/9 support the universal standard OBDII (OBD II/OBD2) datalogging tools. For japanese imports, other standard OBDII dataloggers will not work. EvoScan is what you need. EvoScan still works with those US Models, although better and faster than the universal standard OBDII (OBD II/OBD2) datalogging tools, since the Mitsubishi MUT-II(JOBD) Protocol runs 50% faster than ISO9141-2 (OBD II/OBD2)

    Data Logger Features:
    1) Drag, Drop, and Position any number of gauges onto the screen.
    2) Custom selection of any of 10 cool looking gauges (or preconfigured dashboard)

    3) Assign data logging item to each gauge.
    4) Save/Load Gauge layout/config
    5) Log data to csv (Excel) file.
    6) Playback csv data log.
    7) Log data to screen.
    8. main EFI ecu data logging items (ABS/AYC/DTC ecu data items to follow)
    9) Calculated Dyno figures and graphs: acceleration / torque / hp
    10) AER A/F meter logging support
    11) Realtime Graphing support
    12) Alerting on data value minimum/maximum/rate of change Alerts by Background colour, and/or by custom alarm sound (wav file).

    EvoScan Supported Hardware:
    EvoScan Supported Hardware Cables:
    1) USB - OBDII Universal DataLogger cable - uses a built in FTDI FT232 USB-Serial adapter.
    - ($69USD)

    2) FTDI OpenPort 1.3U OBDII cable - uses a built in FTDI FT232 USB-Serial adapter.
    - Colby Boles - ($99USD)

    3) HomeMade for Electronics minded people: beware not many, if any, OBDII cables support the mut-iii required 15625baudrate.
    What you can do is buy a FT232BM($20US+) based usb-serial adapter because this chipset supports any baudrate you like, the PC standard comport cant physically support 15625bps, with the usb adapter then convert the serial adapter voltage levels to obdII levels +0v/+12v using an optoisolater circuit like Andy Whittakers or Jeff Noxon, or use a MAX232 chipset circuit like MMCd.($20US) you will need some electronics experience and some miscellaneous components from you local shop ($30US) all up would cost you approx $70US to build one, plus your time.

    EvoScan Registration:
    1) EvoScan Registration will be $15US ($20NZ)
    - this will allow me to purchase expensive third party charting and gauge controls to make this the best looking and best functioning datalogger around.
    - with registration you will get unlimited future releases.
    - if you want a new feature added, this will be added for you with priority.
    - you will get emailed latest updates released every week.
    - you get access to the source code (personal use only).
    - Using this datalogger will allow you to successfully see what your car is doing before and after you use tools such as EcuFlash or Aftermarket Controllers such as SAFC-II to tune your car. And you can save and send your results to your openecu buddies to oggle over, and others with EvoScan can even play back your results without being plugged into a car.
    - Using the alerting features of EvoScan could alert you to a bad tune or bad fuel, i.e Detonation Knock Counts, Temperatures, A/F ratios and potentially saving you your engine.

    Supported Vehicles:
    1) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV/V/VI/VII/VIII/IX (Any serial obdII adapter that will support 15625baudrate)
    2) 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ (thanks zlancerman) (180->200/total samples per second)
    3) Other miscellaneous 1996+ Mitsubishi OBDII Vehicles (support to follow as people test it on their cars - I'm expecting a lot of these vehicles to already work with this software)
    3) Subaru SSM protocol support to follow (Any serial obdII adapter that will support 4800baudrate)
    4) Nissan vehicle (I have a lot of Nissan protocol information - support to follow)

    Supported Operating Systems:
    1) Windows XP SP2
    2) Windows Server 2003 SP1
    3) Windows Vista Beta 2

    Source Code:
    VB.NET 2003 - MS.NET Framework v1.1

    Laptop Requirements:
    Requires installation of USB FTDI drivers Requires installation of MS.NET Framework v1.1
    Basically if it can run Windows XP fine, then the software should also be fine.

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    hmm no feedback on this?

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    that is looks hot, though i haven't seen many evos on the boards, mostly wrx/sti folks when talking about that class of car.

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    I have DSM Eclipse 95 4G63 T Mitsubishi MUT-II(JOBD) EPROM ECU and try to ask "Is work with my car? or NO?"
    And what cabe I must use with it.

    wait 4 replay soon?


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    Try it, it should work fine.

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    okay waht about cable(adaptor)?

    for the JOBD (is visualy as OBDII socket)

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    I bought the openport 1.3m cable for my evo. It's replacing my standard obd2 data cable since it can read data and a much faster speed due to it's raw level of encoding. The obd2 cable isn't even worth it to me other than for monitoring purposes.

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    Sounds really nice!

    Will this work with a mistu Canter truck? I just bought one and it would be fun to get this to work in it!

    Keep up the good work! If you like more attention, post some screenshots of the program, that allways does it

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    when will i recieve my copy coz i make the payment 3 days ago and didn't recieved any thing????

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    Any progress on the Subaru? I saw on your link that Subaru was going to be under dev. this month

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