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Thread: What can I get for a big diesel?

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    What can I get for a big diesel?

    Aside from my Thunderbird, I'm also building a PC for my dad's RV. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find any information on how to tap in to the electronic control systems on the thing. It's a 2003 model, Freightliner frame, Cat 3126E engine, and an Allison 3000-series 6 speed automatic.

    I know it can be tapped, because Camping World sells a standalone device which reads all sorts of data even including realtime torque output, but I'd prefer to have something that interfaces with a PC so I can customize the UI and log information.

    Anyone have experience with these things? Are there any "universal" cables which I can use in the T-Bird and then pull out and plug in to the RV during trips?
    I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

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    there are several communication adpaters for truck that use the J1939 and J1708 data link here's a small list

    1 - magikey(nexiq)
    2 - noregon
    3 - autotap
    4 - kentmore

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    RV Diesel

    I have loaded VMSpc ( in my Rv and now I'm looking for a way to integrate it Streetdeck. Any ideas? I know I can run it as an external mod.

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    If your RV has a J1939 port, you should be able to run Au J1939 message center:
    The following is a you-tube video:

    Device image and PC screen cut for your reference:

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    One comment on diesels, since I happened to see this thread... at least with common-rail diesel (CRD) engines, which I know are a newer technology and may not be in a 2003, it's pretty much impossible to find out instantaneous fuel economy. So if that's of interest to you, you might as well forget it right now...

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