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Thread: Links to Virtual Instrument Cluster projects?

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    Fusion Brain solution

    Old post, but it took until now to have a working solution. I think this was one of the first posts I read on this board wanting the same thing: a non-OBD2 car PC gauge set.

    OBD1 dash gauge skins

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    Very nice. I'm subscribed.
    Just your friendly neighborhood computer specialist.

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    Looks like new... Wanna know why they call me "Crash"?

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    I'm also doing my own digital instrument cluster project written in VB.Net using WPF for display...

    Im making it for a kit car that I am building and it will get most of it's data from a CAN bus (im using RX8 hardware). Although I will also be adding an accelerometer, GPS, 3G to use with data logging when racing.

    I currently have a working version and details with pictures and videos can be found on my blog:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freestyledork View Post
    Here is the 3 files needed.



    Digital Window Picture-

    Hope it works first time hosting files.
    please + rep if you found this useful/helpful
    maybe a stupid question, but I'm new in this .. Will this just work under centrafuse, when you have OBD-II in your car connected offcourse? Or do I need a side-program? I want to find something like this, and maybe create my own gauges sometime.

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    OBDII and Odometer

    I am looking for a guru who really understands how to read the odometer mileage via the OBDII port. I need to find someone who has actually done this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelmk View Post
    I made a photoshop mock up of my speedo I hope to reproduce in DashXL. It might be a little busy but it combines rpm and speed in a single gauge. I will be keeping my physical gas gauge and trip computer hopefully.
    Just came across this by chance. I know its from a while ago but I'd be interested if anyknows of a similar development (I'm upto date with PPE and Pierre latest but think this looks amazing too!) or progress with the virtual dashboard i.e. DashCommand dashboard.

    <edit> DashCommand now supports multiple screens and more PIDs too! but you probably already know this .

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