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    I came accross this site and liked the fact it had all the codes for my car (Mercedes 2003 C230) and engine, yet am confused about the site since it is poorly written.

    Can someone who's ordered form this site please contact me, I'd like to ask some questions - first question would be, why do I have to buy their OBD reader? Can I use their software with any reader?

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    I bought the cable from this vendor a couple years ago. I use it mainly with other software and it works fine. I have not tried to use another cable with this software, mostly because the cables cost money and the software is free, so I haven't had other cables to try.

    I would suspect that this software may work with some other cables, probably any non-Elm based cables, but I'm just guessing. Since this software is free, you should try to get people who have other cables to try it to see if it works.

    I do have access to another cable that I can try, just to test the concept. When I have time, I will let you know if it works.

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