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Thread: 94 honda accord

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    94 honda accord

    i have a 94 honda accord and it does not have and OBD-II connector in the standard place on accords. i know OBD-II was not put into accords until 96 but i was wondering if there is any way to extract information from the ECU that is practical and somewhat inexpensive.

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    It's not called OBD-II then, it's either OBD-I or OBD 1.5. It may not even be OBD.

    That might help a bit in your searches. If you don't have the right terms, it can prove to be painful.

    Might also check a few honda forums to see what people have been able to do.
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    yes there is a way, there is a diagnostic connector under the glove box that you must jump together, it is a blue 2 pin female connecter.

    the check engine light will start flashing short and long pulses.

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