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Thread: Ecu Files

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    The best one for the price is the eobd 12.50 galletto .

    It does the most models including edc16, which a kwp2000 won't flash.

    As for using tuned files from the suplied dvd, don't do it. Most of those files are just plain dangerous to the health of your car and wallet.

    If you are looking for original ecu files to restore your badly flashed ecu to normal status you can download a bunch in forums for free.

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    ori files are the orignal manufacturer map on the ecu, mod is a tuned file galetto tool is only good for bmw and even then it sometimes goes wrong as after using it to write a file it does not close the ecu lol! hope that helps. if u try to mod maps urself without knowing what u are changing u will cause some damage to the engine because there are so many different maps on there like gear change, rev limit, ignition timing, air fuel ratio! also if u buy cheap maps from the internet u can kill the ecu.

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    ecu files

    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty786 View Post
    hi i have just brought the kwp2000 hardware i have recived a cd which contains crap i think i neen TUN files these are the only files that the kwp 2000 software reconisis does anyone know where i could buy or download these files from i do have some MOD, ORI files does anyone know what ii ahev to do to them thanx
    i found 55.000 ecu tuning files on ebay.
    the price was about 30 euro.


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    Cool vw bora 130 tdi pd

    Quote Originally Posted by posl View Post
    Does anyone have or sold tuning files from kwp2000 for the ecu nr: bosch 0281010941
    Thanks in advance and i apreciate any answer
    ive go a map for yours i had mine done few years ago ive copied it and used it

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