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Thread: "to OBD or not to OBD?" that is the question

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    Mountainmachine, look at these:

    (right steering, internal dashboard... you can see the FiatCODE)

    (left steering, internal dashboard... in Bravo 1.9 JTD the OBD
    connector is under the felt near the bonnet release; remove
    the felt)

    (this is the internal fuse box; some cars like Fiat PUNTO have
    the OBD connector just there)

    I've not found OBD connector on my Brava JTD105 (1999).

    The Fiat Bravo HGT (what a dream! I love it!) has a ME7.3.1
    ECU by Bosch. It is not listed as OBD2 compliant, but you have
    of course the FiatTEST socket (see my post about Brava OBD).

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    Hi Mountainmachine,

    You may wish to check which pins you have present - this might help

    We are able to sell a Fiat tool which offers very similar functionality to our Ford tool ( - i.e. access to the airbag and ABS functions of compatible vehicles. The price would be the same as the Ford tool - let me know if there is any interest, and we will consider stocking it.

    Hope this helps,


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