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Thread: MPG Computer for 94 GM ALDL

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    my 95 C4 corvette had the display. as did my brother and his wifes C4's. i believe it was a late 80's early 90's cutlass with the FE3 computer system that would also tell you this info. i am looking heavily into this as i want a mpg display for my 87 fiero gt.

    ha!, a two year bump :P

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    This has seemed to be fairly accuarate:

    MPH / (RPM * Inj Pulse Width * Inj Constant * 0.000212)

    Inj Constant is the rating of your injectors in lbs/hr
    The pulse width can be retrieved via most GM ALDL interfaces, same with mph and rpm.

    You HAVE to average this over say, 2-3 minutes because it jumps around alot depending on if you have the car floored or no throttle at all.

    This is only valid for a car with 8 injectors, and I believe only for batch fire cars as that would change the 0.0000212 constant otherwise.

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    hmm, sounds hard to figure out for a v6. especially in my case. i have a 87 fiero gt with the 06 malibu 3500 and the 122730 ecm conversion from a 88 beretta. so digging up all the correct info will be very tough.

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    Old thread but I was searching around...........
    EBL Flash from DYNAMICEFI.COM will do this for you. I use it for my TBI Caprice and I highly recommend it.

    I also have a GranPrix center console and DIC I could sell. I pulled it out a while back to install a Riviera console. I think the DIC calculates MPG based on the VSS signal and the float level in the tank but don't quote me At the very least it has a cool rotating compass!
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