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Thread: I found this today

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    I found this today

    I was reading my PCWorld magazine yeah i know i am bored right now it is raining. so no worky on car pc today. anyway
    i did a very quick search of the forum and found no post about this..I mean a quick search...

    CarMD its a obdii scanner, and its usb.
    this was in september 2006 magazine page 82

    wow that would make two things i have contributed to the forum
    the axiom sandpiper gps module and
    this carmd..
    will anybody use it only time will tell.

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    doesnt look like it provides live data however
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    oh well i just read a brief thing. i am not at the obdii stage yet of my car pc, i'll be ready next year for that..
    KIAs can have car pcs too..

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