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Thread: New OBDII scantool - Beta testers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digimotojoel View Post
    Paul, if you send me more information I will purchase one and test it in house against our emulators (all protocols) and I'll have some of the devs take it for a spin. I'd be interested to see what the hardware can do.
    Joel, Thanks for the offer, that would be great I will post the website link in the next day or two that should answer any question you have on the command set etc.


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    I am interested, as I am looking for an obd interface any way. I can test it on my 2001 chrysler pt cruiser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morris_the_cat View Post
    I am interested, as I am looking for an obd interface any way. I can test it on my 2001 chrysler pt cruiser.
    Awesome, I have not been able to get a pt cruiser to test so it will be very useful, most likely it uses the ISO 9141 or the 1850 interface and should work fine. I will contact everyone in the next day or two with more details.


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    How about a european tester?

    Can test in an Audi A4 and Ford Focus..

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    Quote Originally Posted by michbound View Post
    Hi All,

    I have developed an all in one OBDII scantool similar to the ELMScan and OBDAll in one offerings. I have been testing it for the past 1 month against all kinds of cars and it works pretty well.

    It has a couple of neat features such as allowing you to automatically change the baud rate (The ELMScan only offers fixed baud rates of 9600 & 38400).

    Anyways I was wondering if there would be any interest amongst users to beta test this product? Since I do not have a huge budget I cannot give it away for free but would be willing to offer it at an extremely low price $ 60. or so for a unit that includes all the necessary cables, hardware etc, and you can return it within 30 days for any reason for a full refund (I will make it $ 55 so you can use the 5 bucks to ship it back if you want to ).

    I will do this for the first 10 folks but I would like to have a mix of cars so let me know what you would be testing on.

    Let me know if anyones interested and I will follow up with them.

    Hey! count me in too! I am working on a new machine and writing some software for it too. It would be an honor to test your OBD-II device on all 7 of our cars and let you know the results!
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    I am also very interested, I have a 2006 Scion tC. Been looking for the right OBDII scan software. (I can also test it on the following cars which I have access to: 2002 Cavalier, 2005 Altima, 2003 Maxima, 2004 Sentra).
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    Hey Paul,
    I'd be interested in helping out. I have a 97 Ford, 2005 Mercury, 2001 Saturn, and could test it out on a bunch of f bodies (Camaro, Firebird, etc).

    Shoot me a PM if I can be part of the test. Thanks

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    I've got a Volvo V70 D5 AWD 2003 and would be more than happy to test...

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    I've got a 04 V6 Accord Coupe and I'll be interested in doing the beta testing.......but the only problem is, I've never used anything like this before so you'll have to give me some "newbie" pointer

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    I have a brand new 2006 ford Mustang that I would be happy to test for you. I am very interested, so please contact me soon!

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