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Thread: Another noob with another noob question :)

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    Another noob with another noob question :)

    Hey folks, nice board you got here!

    My goal is to have a unit in my car that would allow to display different combination of gauges and log data from them when neccesary. Plus it would be nice to have a GPS capability. If this unit ends up replacing the stock 6 disk changer then a CD/MP3 player needs to come along too. This will go in an 04 Subaru Forester.

    I am currently searching this board on keywords such us 'gauges', 'OBDII' and 'GPS' but would like to ask you guys to suggest a few more to narrow my search down.


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    There's a whole subforum related to OBDII, have a look in there for your gauges/OBDII info. GPS and CD/MP3 are both really simple to set up. For CD playback all you need is a CD-ROM drive mounted somewhere in the car. Alot of people use a slim external "laptop" style drive connected by USB. GPS is also easy. You will need a USB GPS receiver (about $50-$100 usually) and it will need a view of the sky to work properly. Most folks mount theirs on the dash or rear package shelf right by the glass. You'll also need navigation software. Most people on here use iGuidance. Have a look in our FAQ Emporium, you'll learn alot by reading thru there and generally lurking on the board soaking up info. Enjoy!

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    Check out the OBDII Forum and look for "DigiMoto" I have their scan tool package and it works great.

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    Awesome! Thanks guys!

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    moved to the appropriate forum!

    welcome, good luck with your search.
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    300 bucks and ill make mine for OBD2

    hope you find something you like.
    and welcome.
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