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Thread: Open Source OBDII scanner

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    Open Source OBDII scanner

    I have just updated my open source AVR based OBDII scanner to have a bootloader. This allows users to update the firmware very easy through the USB connection. Note that Microchip(PIC) version already has a firmware update feature.

    I will be adding support for PWM and other protocols here in the next few weeks. I will also work on updating the website to include more documentation about protocols.


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    I love your device. Never noticed anything change in the repository though. What's going on?

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    Unfortunately, the hardware is too expensive for what the device does. You can buy a commercial off-the-shelf scanner that has more features, for less than it would cost you to build the Stern Tech.
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    OBD II - Protocols

    That's the thing. I built myself two of them but since the other protocols never got implimented, I never had a chance to use it with my car.

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    The hardware is expensive (if you buy from him, build it into your own project and it's cheap), but the code is what's awesome about it. Just a shame it was never completed.
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