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Thread: ELMscan Ford AU falcon (OZ)

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    ELMscan Ford AU falcon (OZ)

    Have been searching forums for ways to make this unit work with my AU2 XR8 falcon
    it has an OBD2 type connector - but I am unsure if it uses the std odb2 protocols

    With an NGS star diagnostic unit - I can get all the pids and also retirieve real time information - but borrowing it from work is a nightmare

    Does anyone know whether the elmscan5 will pull information all the information from the car.

    I can connect to it - using pcmscan but onlly 8 of 98 pids are identified

    If there is a config file to make this work - I am interested in knowing the details.

    I am trying to diagnose a problem with the car - prior to doing an edit to the ECU

    ANy information or help would be appreciated.

    BTW - the scantool v1.13 software does not recognise connection with the ecu - PCMscan seems to give some information - still trying other softwares - but i have the feeling it could be an obd1 with a odb2 interface on the car???? - stumped

    Will try the hyperterminal and see if I can get some detials re-connectivity of the elmscan device

    What do others use to get the pids?

    Thanks in advance


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    To be honest, I don't know what protocols are used on the AU. Only that the BA supports CAN and ISO.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. But it might be worth your while poking around or


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