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Thread: Turning guages to comps display??..boat even!!

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    Turning guages to comps display??..boat even!!

    OK, question. In the process of redoing my 19' Bayliner Capri runabout with all new interior and audio and want to do a computer as well to run my MP3s and such (still not sure if I will use a frontend as for music I use my MixMeister Pro) and would love to do digital gauges on my display like I see in ODBII setups. Now as its a boat engine and no computer, all we have is wires that go to our gauges. I know I can use GPS for my speedo but any options for other guages?

    Figure I would ask here as not everyone here has ODBII I am sure! Thanks for the help folks!!

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    You need something to read what is availale to you, whethere that be a digital speedo signal or an analogue temperature reading. There is interface cards available that will connect to you computer via usb or serial and will provide such readings.

    You then need some way of calibrating your computer to say, 1v = 70degrees, etc.

    Something like this provides 5 digital and 2 analogue inputs. Depending on the age of your boat and gauges etc, you may need more or less of each input.
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