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Thread: Mode $06 question

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    Mode $06 question

    I understand that mode 6 is for 'non-continous test results' that the pcm stores after it has completed testing of involved components, but recently I found this that I am not quite sure what to make of it -

    Its a list of test ids for mode $06 for honda. So when they say that for a 4cyl accord the test id for EGR flow is $03 and comp id is $81, how is that useful to someone who wants to query the egr flow ? How exactly do I interpret this table ? What command should I send to the interface ?

    I am using OBDPro, it that matters.

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    Maybe this will help you get started: Mode $06 revealed - Why is it such secret?

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    thanks. that should definitely help me get started.
    I wonder why ignition timing is included in mode $01 as a generic real time sensor available to obd2, yet knock sensor is not available even in mode $06 components, since knock sensing influences timing and thereby emissions directly.

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